We know you’re busy. You get into Cheddar Up, you do your thing and then you move on. That’s the goal: Simplify your collecting so you can focus on more important stuff.

That said, we want to push pause for just a moment to make you aware of some recently added, game-changing features. Here we go…

Custom Receipts

As you know, whenever someone pays on your Cheddar Up collection page, we automatically send them a detailed email receipt. Now you can customize this receipt! There are dozens of reasons why you might want to do this. Maybe you simply want to customize the experience for your community and extend an additional warm thank you. Or better yet, maybe you have important follow-up information to share with your community that you don’t want to share until AFTER they make a payment.

Examples of this might be adding a link to a tax-deductible receipt that payers can download. Or maybe you want to include instructions on how and when to get to an event. Get in there and start customizing!


Refunds are here! Now the ability to make full and partial refunds is totally in your control. Simply click on the Manage view of the collection that needs a refund. Click on the payment you want to refund. Select the items you want to refund…and click “Refund”. Voila. That’s it. Cheddar Up will send both you and the payer an email confirming the refund has been initiated. Happy refunding!

Discount Codes

Discount codes may not be an obvious feature to have on Cheddar Up, but after the 100th user request, we got the message! Not only did we add this feature, but we made it crazy high functioning.

Discount codes are great for giving discounts to staff or VIPs on spirit wear sales, school tuition, after-school enrichment, sample sales…you get the idea. As an example, maybe you’re having an event and some of your community VIPS are allowed to attend for free. Instead of creating a separate collection page (or creating a secondary item that clutters up your collection), just create a 100% off total order discount code for them to use at checkout.

To give it a whirl, go to your Collection Settings and click on “Discounts” in the light blue feature bar. You’ll quickly see that you can set a discount by either a % or fixed dollar amount. You can give discounts based on total orders, minimum purchases, or even on one specific item. Once you add the code, simply share it with those who should have access. When they get to the checkout, they’ll see the option to enter and apply a discount code. Upon entering the code, they’ll receive the appropriate discount.

Sales Tax

That’s really all we need to say. Are you using Cheddar Up for a sample sale or to sell spirit wear or booster club merchandise? Now you can add a specific sales tax rate to specific items. This is a popular feature used in conjunction with our point-of-sale functionality offered within our mobile app (that’s right, now you can order a card reader and handle all of your online AND in-person payments right within Cheddar Up).

Add Managers

If you’re using Cheddar Up to collect for an organization, chances are you’re not the only individual who needs access to the tool. Not to mention you may be tired of always being the middle man and could use some help! Now you can do that seamlessly with our “Multiple Administrator” feature. This feature allows you to invite others to join your Cheddar Up account. It sends an email invitation that will prompt them to create their own login credentials, while giving access to manage and edit existing collections, as well as the ability to create new collections.

The best part? While your managers can get in there and help out, they will NOT have access to confidential financial information…nor will they be able to make withdrawals.

Collection Home Page

If you use Cheddar Up to collect for several different things for your organization or group, our new Collection Home Page will be a game changer for you. A Collection Home Page is a landing page that we create that has all your active collections listed in one spot.

This means you no longer need to juggle different URLs for different collections. Instead, you share just one link. And on that link, your community will find all “active” collections. Your community will become accustomed to always going to one place when they need to pay for something. No more looking for the latest email to find the latest link!

Let’s say, for example, that you are a PTA and you like to put links to your collections on your school or PTA website. With the Collection Home Page, you can post one link and NEVER need to change it again.

If you’re using our Collection Home Page, the only thing you need to do is manage which collections you keep active and which collections you close via your “My Collections” page.

Whichever collections you “close” will no longer appear on your Collection Home Page; whichever collections you keep “active” will be displayed on your Collection Home Page. This feature alone is worth jumping to our Team plan. Enjoy!

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