Collection Spotlight: Chute Middle School PTA

Chute Middle School PTA raises over $18,000 to purchase gift cards for families in need


It’s not unusual for a collection to tug at our heartstrings over here at International Headquarters but a letter to the Chute Middle School Principal has confirmed that our users are some of the very best examples of grace and generosity during this trying time. 

Chute Middle School is located in Evanston, Illinois and whose plain exterior of the school, according to one parent, belies what is inside. The school ”is a testament to what can happen with good leadership: the principal, Mr. Mac, tells everyone at the beginning of the year ‘everything is my business’ and he follows up to make sure all students feel safe and cared for.“

Together with the Principal, Jim McHolland, “Mr. Mac“, the Chute Middle School PTA form a true powerhouse of community engagement. Last month, the PTA created and shared a collection for their Eagles Unite Fund with the rallying cry “We are all in this together!“. The collection aimed to help those in their school community that have been hit especially hard financially and to help ease their burden by providing assistance in the form of gift cards. Donations poured in and within within one month, the PTA had collected $18,169.00!

What makes this amount so incredible is due, in part, to the fact that out of 650 students, approximately 60% qualify for free or reduced lunch. The annual PTA budget for fundraising is around $12,000 and is typically a struggle to achieve over the course of a year! But the response the PTA had when it came to taking care of those in our school community in just the past month makes it even more special. 

Mr. Mac personally (and safely) distributed the gift cards to families and in return received a letter that is a reminder of how important it is to look after one another.

You can see a copy of the Eagles Unite Fund collection here

The PTA created and shared a collection for their Eagles Unite Fund with the rallying cry

“We are all in this together!”

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