A selling platform that makes home office the hero

Want to allow distributors to sell extra on-hand products while maintaining oversight?

With BRAND you can.

Innovation + Goodwill

Give distributors the tools they need for success—simple online sale pages, increased ROI, and new customer leads to help grow their business.

Our Tech + Your Brand

Home office takes control of brand and pricing while gaining oversight and “real customer” sales data with an on-demand dashboard.

Beautiful + Simple Shopping

Customers have the elegant online shopping experience they crave—one that builds mad momentum and reinforces your brand.
A better alternative to Amazon, ebay and Buy-Sell-Trade Groups
You’ve introduced innovation into every aspect of your business—yet when it comes to selling extra product, distributors are often left to their own devices. This hurts your brand and bottom line. BRAND gives everyone a better option.

Status Quo

Distributors sell extra product with public platforms

  • Loss of brand and pricing control
  • Massive inefficiencies for distributors
  • Zero oversight and data


Distributors sell extra product with your BRAND marketplace

  • Control of brand and pricing
  • Huge ROI for distributors
  • Total oversight and new lead data

On average, for every 1,000 active distributors, we keep $1,000,000 of your product OFF of Amazon and similar platforms.

  • Active Sales Pages 62% 62%
  • New Customers 78% 78%

Turn compliance on its head

You’ll no longer need to wonder how distributors are selling their extra product. With BRAND, you’ll have robust reporting, putting every sale at your fingertips. How you can leverage this data to grow and protect your business is profound:

  • Monitor distributors’ sales
  • Market to everyone who visits a sale
  • Analyze buying patterns and best-selling products
  • Document “real customers” for the FTC

A guaranteed ROI

From built-in product catalogs to visitor reports to one-click mailing labels, BRAND puts money in distributors’ pockets that they can reinvest in their businesses, while saving them hours so they can focus on revenue-generating activities.

  • Online Sales, Shipping and Tracking
  • Built-in Product Catalogs
  • Visitor Reports
  • Distributor Payouts

Shopping that is fun

Chances are high that how your distributors currently sell inventory online is far from ideal. The output of our sale builder is a stunning, mobile-friendly online sale that dons your brand and elegantly features your products, creating a sleek shopping experience that delights customers.

  • Early VIP Access
  • Countdown Clock
  • Discount Codes
  • Online Payments
Get ready to shop!
I’m closing my sale at $970. This will be my first season that I spend nothing out of pocket to reinvest in new samples. Thank you Cheddar Up for this blessing of a platform!
Ambassador, Noonday Collection

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