2017 Kickball Tournament

Due: May 21, 2017

The third annual DLS Kickball Tournament will be Sunday, May 21, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

Please use the form below to sign up your family members (we encourage everyone to play...!) and make a donation (optional but encouraged). This event is going to be awesome - hot dogs, music, exercise, laughter, and fun!

Our first year we raised more than $18,000 - let's top that this year! Note: If you have more than one child that will be playing kickball, your donation will be equally divided between your children's classes.

Additions may be purchased below - you can buy an out for your team (4 instead of 3 in an inning) for $100 each or a base for an individual player for $50 each. Please also tell us which out and which base goes with which player/team.

(If you have any questions on this form, please email president.elect@dlspta.org.)

We also need volunteers for this event - please email volunteers@dlspta.org if you're interested in helping. Thanks in advance!

Note: If you can't attend the tournament but wish to make a donation that will count towards your children's classes, please complete the form below with your kids' information add a note saying you won't be playing. Even better, to avoid fees, donate via cash or check (made out to DLS PTA) and put it in the PTA lockbox at either campus. Make sure to note which class the donation should count for!

Game Day Additions (can be purchased prior to the game or the day of - please only purchase additions once your team's $1500 fundraising goal has been met)
Donation - each team has a $1,000 fundraising goal
Sub-Total $0.00