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Create a sample sale in minutes

The easiest way to collect money online is also the easiest way to sell your samples.

  • Preloaded Catalogs

  • Online payments with automatic tracking

  • Share both on and off Facebook

  • Built-in Shipping Labels

Preloaded and ready to roll

With Cheddar Up’s preloaded product catalogs specific to your brand, you can create a sample sale in MINUTES. Share your link with your customers, collect money online, and let us do the tracking. Anyone can pay online with Cheddar Up via credit card, echeck or cash/check—no account is needed.


Create an online sample sale page using PRE-LOADED product catalogs. 


Instantly track purchases and shipping information. Withdraw funds directly to your bank account for free. No more busy work.

Features that build your business
Earn back your investment in minutes with features that automate sales and let you focus on your core business.

Preloaded catalogs for our partners

Set timing with countdown clock

Item quantity tracking with “Sold Out”

VIP Access codes

Collect money online

Add shipping costs to checkout

Point of Sale (POS) transactions

Visitor Reports—grow your list!

Set Timing
Step away from the screen
Add a start and end time for complete control over when people can access your sale.

Create mad momentum
Prior to its start time, visitors will see a snazzy countdown timer…counting down the seconds until they can sneak a peek.

Access and Discount Codes
Add an access code for exclusivity
Put your sale behind a password of your choosing. Visitors must enter your access code to view your sale. This is a great way to give VIPs early access or to keep your sale private.

Who doesn’t love a discount code!?
Spread cheer and customer loyalty by providing a discount code to be used at checkout. You can offer percentage or dollar-amount discounts based on order size…even give away a free item!

Visitor Reporting
Grow your marketing list
Now you can see who visited but left without making a purchase. Our Visitor Report allows you to gather the names and emails of everyone who views your collection (not just those who pay). This is a great way to grow your marketing list or follow up to close a sale!
Built-in Shipping
Instant time saver
Give customers the option to have something shipped. This can be customized based on your unique needs. Encourage customers to buy more by offering free shipping for a minimum order size, or waive shipping fees altogether for those who prefer local pickup.
Get to know Cheddar Up

Sign up today for FREE to access our sale builder. When you‘re ready to sell, upgrade to our PRO plan for just $12/month.

We‘ve got your back
When you sell samples and collect money online with Cheddar Up, you’ll enjoy world-class customer support beginning with our team of in-house cheerleaders who can walk you through your first sale. Our partners also have access to an exclusive User Group where valuable tips and peer feedback are shared.

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Introducing Mailing Labels

Signed, Sealed, Delivered. Each season our team asks, “What would make our users’ sales even easier…what would save them more time?” When we asked you, we heard resoundingly… built-in shipping labels! Whether you’re selling samples or spirit wear, you can purchase and...

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Have you heard?

Matilda Jane Partners with Cheddar Up! Online sample sales just got easier We know that being able to easily sell your samples makes it easier to reinvest in your next trunk. That’s why we’re excited to be officially partnering with Cheddar Up – a platform that makes...

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“I’m closing my sale at $970. My highest grossing sale to date. My goal was to only cover my small bundle. This will be my first season that I will spend nothing out of pocket to reinvest in new samples. Thank you, Cheddar Up, for this blessing of a platform!”

Holly Garin, Ambassador, Noonday Collection

“Thank you, Cheddar Up! I sold more than $2,400 using your platform. I used to spend full days conducting this sale. Now I add the pre-loaded items, share the link and walk away!  Buying my new trunk has never been easier. Game changer!”

Nesha Thompson, Trunk Keeper, Matilda Jane Clothing

“I’ve never had a more successful sample sale in 7+ years as a Stylist. I sold more than $1,200 of samples in the first 30 minutes of my sale. Thank you, Cheddar Up!”

Karen Baumgartner, Star Stylist, Stella & Dot