How will you Cheddar Up?

From PTAs to membership dues to happy hours—Cheddar Up simplifies collecting money from groups. See how others are collecting more, faster…easier.

School PTO goes paperless

For years the PTO at Greenwood Village Elementary had been wrangling thousands of checks annually from our families for school registration and extracurriculars. Cheddar Up not only gave us a way to offer our families an online payment solution, IT SAVED OUR SANITY.

Allie Kornberg, PTCO Treasurer, Greenwood Village Elementary, Greenwood Village, CO

Happy members, happy staff

Prior to Cheddar Up, I was tasked with collecting hundreds of payments from members thoughout the year. They typically came to me in the form of checks or credit card details over the phone. Cheddar Up now does the job for me and members appreciate the easy way to pay. And we collect dues in a fraction of the time.

Catriona Stack, YPO Chapter Administrator, Denver, CO

Sports team moves fees online

Our baseball team started using Cheddar Up to collect for everything. Talk about a major headache instantly eliminated. We are using it for equipment fees, tournaments, camps — even our end-of-season party. I setup collections and then Cheddar Up does all the work for me. Feedback from parents has been overwhelmingly positive.

Chad Langenfeld, Monarch Baseball, Denison, IA

Lesson payments and tracking

Collecting checks from dozens of families used to be the least favorite part of my piano teaching business. Then a parent introduced me to Cheddar Up. It was simple. Now there are no more trips to the bank and no more awkward, in-person reminders at the end of lessons.

Julie Steck, Piano Teacher, Austin, TX