Send the Doldrums Packing

This year, in an effort to combat the January doldrums, ditch the hygge for something a lot better—travel planning.
Those infamous January blues can be as pesky as your husband’s single college roommate who came for a weekend visit and was still lounging on your sofa a few weeks later. We may not be able to help you with the roommate situation, but we can help keep the doldrums at bay.  

Like everyone else, a few years ago, we jumped on the “hygge” bandwagon. The thought of hunkering down with cozy blankets, flickering candles, good friends and comfort food was an idea that was easy to get behind. All lovely until a candle is knocked over by a rogue nerf bullet, and the comfort food leads to serious regret when swimsuit season rolls around. 

This year, in an effort to combat the January doldrums, ditch the hygge for something a lot better— travel planning. Cook up a girl trip or man-cation. You’ll return home feeling like an adventure badass, well equipped with something exciting to talk about at the virtual watercooler! 

Here’s some inspiration to jump start your trip planning:

Top 5 Trip-Planning Apps

For travelers with flexible schedules who enjoy the spontaneous joy of last-minute booking, Hotel Tonight has you covered with amazing deals on last-minute hotel bookings in cities and countries around the world. 
Your one-stop shop for unforgettable trips, with Airbnb you can book unique places to stay and off-the-beaten-path experiences curated by locals. 
You pick the place and Skyscanner makes it happen, with upfront pricing and the best deals on everything from flights and hotels to rental cars. It’s a stress-free way to plan travel.  
PackPoint designs custom shareable packing lists based on length of travel, weather at your destination, and activities planned during your trip. 
Gyde & Seek believes travel is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and growth—partially achieved by their service of private guides from wildly knowledgeable locals in some of the most exotic, of-the-moment destinations.

Top 5 Girls Trip Destinations

While you can still find a great BBQ joint and a local country bar, Nashville has grown up to be so much more. It’s a city filled with quirky boutique hotels, an evolving food scene, and access to world-class green spaces. Everyone is welcome in Music City. 
Not just for hippies, the magical, energetic town of Sedona is a geological wonderland that seamlessly mixes hiking, biking and bouncy jeep rides with the indulgences of luxury spas, boutiques and local wineries. 


Known for world-class hospitality and southern grace, in Savannah you can split your time between a relaxing veranda drinking mint julep tea, or meandering down tree-lined streets exploring local galleries and boutiques. You’ll be enchanted in Savannah.
It’s the city that never sleeps. New York City is a true melting pot of cultures and continents with top tourist attractions and local haunts. The only problem with a trip to NYC is deciding what to do this trip and what to save until next time!
At the crossroads of the American east and west, Denver seamlessly blends the best of both worlds. With 300+ days of sunshine, Denver has plenty of opportunity to get outside, visit the rooftop of a brewpub, take in an outdoor concert, or dine at a progressive organic restaurant. This city, on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, will take your breath away. 
Fun fact: Cheddar Up is headquartered in Denver. Let us know if you are heading to our favorite mile-high city, and we will let you in on our insider favorites! 

Nervous to lead the way on trip planning for fear of getting stuck footing the bill?

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