Cheddar Up has a new look

Cheddar Up just got a makeover—an effort that has been one year and one pandemic in the making.


We’re excited to reveal our not-so-little brand remodel. Since our founding over seven years ago, we have been in ultra product-development mode. Hundreds of new features, and enhancements have been added thanks to the feedback we’ve received from our amazing users.

Listening to users is and will continue to be our priority—it’s the main reason why our product-first platform continues to succeed. Because of this, sprucing up our brand has always taken a back seat. Until now.

Our product has reached a state that we’re proud of. But, don’t worry, we’re not stopping there; we have some amazing new features in store for you in 2022. With our product on stellar footing, we were ready to update our brand to matched its quality.

A background that starts with cheese and ends with flight

It’s a question we get all the time, “Why Cheddar?”, and the answer always includes our cofounders taking a spin through the Urban Dictionary after joyously learning that “cheddar” is slang for “money”. We loved that it was demographic agnostic, because we knew we wanted to serve groups from all walks of life with a name that resonated no matter who entered our virtual door.


And, really, who wouldn’t imagine a flying cheese cube when they see The logo of a cocktail snack that had gone aloft came next and it matched the fun vibe that we wanted our software to portray. And while our cheese cube has made people smile, we needed a logo that reflected the simplicity of our platform—one that could work on any colored background and that, quite literally, could take flight through animation. We hired a world-class logo designer and explored all options. 

After exploring over 25 viable sketches for our new logo, we went through several rounds and ultimately narrowed it down to three choices:


The winner? Drum roll…a modified cheese cube! We’d spent years investing in our mark, and after exploring all of our options, we realized that our flying cube makes us, us. So the cheese is here to stay, just better. We now have a logo that is flexible enough to be treated in one or two colors, which is necessary when it comes to branded merchandise and printed materials.





Simplified and streamlined (our specialty!)

Our original cube is now reduced to three modern diamond shapes plus an arrow. When animated, these shapes can expand, separate and reconvene—the perfect visual metaphor for the groups we serve coming together to make great things happen.

Elevating the brand

The next phase of our brand refresh was where the real heavy lifting came in. So we solicited help. We found the perfect branding firm that had done creative work for Google, Airbnb, and Bloomberg. We loved the idea of elevating ourselves to the level of these top brands.

Establishing our new brand identity was an intricate balance of color palette, fonts, copy, animation, illustration and visuals, with each element requiring forethought and attention to detail. Our primary goals were to weave in elements that would elicit innovation, energy, ease and fun.


Color Palette

While we’ve always loved our existing color palette, we were open to making some tweaks to it. But we had to be careful not to disrupt it too much so it wouldn’t affect our current platform user interface. With the help of brand visionaries, we introduced some fresher colors to our brand palette. Most notable—the addition of PINK!


We knew animation would be a big part of our brand refresh. Our platform is easy to use, and we wanted to convey this ease with the use of subtle animations for key flows on the platform (e.g., collecting, paying, managing, etc.).

Illustrations + Photography

We wanted to up our visual game with the addition of modern proprietary illustrations that captured key concepts about our platform and features. At the same time, people are such a HUGE part of what we do, so we also wanted to incorporate photography of real life people and users. Finding the right style of illustrations and photography that made this possible was a true art. And we’re thrilled with the outcome.

New web pages

Our product has changed the game of financial software for groups, and now our look does too. No dark colors, stock photos, or long legalese text here.

One of our main goals of our brand refresh was better content. We wanted to check all the boxes of what people were looking for when they arrived at Cheddar Up to learn more. So what do you see when you arrive at You see color, animation and step-by-step how-tos.


Our new home page is intentionally concise, highlighting the key value propositions of using Cheddar Up with calls to action drawing you further down the path to other new content pages.


The continual-scroll features page allows us to really dig in to Cheddar Up’s many features and to showcase them all in one easy-to-find spot. Curious what Cheddar Up can do? Here’s where you go to find out.

User Stories

This page showcases testimonials from some of our loyal Cheddar Up fans, sharing use cases and successes (with more in the works!). These testimonials establish credibility as well as inspiration for ways to use Cheddar Up.


Our partnership products are now featured on their own page to show what we can do for nonprofits and other right-fit organizations. It features our three partner products as well as our soon-to-be released affiliate program.

What really makes our brand

Being a female-founded company, we have a deep appreciation for our users and the busy lives of every individual who lands on our platform. We know you’re there for a reason—to save time, make life easier, and make a difference. Basically, we’re just like you! We understand what you need and we take the responsibility of creating and constantly improving it very seriously.


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