Lace up your sneakers, the holiday sprint is about to get real!

Just like that, mid-December snuck up behind us (probably wearing an evil clown mask) and reminded us, not so gently, that the holidays are nearly here. Right now, it sounds dreamy to run for the hills, find a cabin off the grid and toss that lengthy to-do list in the crackling fire. The only thing keeping us anchored in civilization is that we can’t go very long without our daily coffee drinks prepped by our favorite barista!

In this time of stress shopping, we know it’s easy to reach for anything you see on the shelves at Target to get through that teacher gift list as quickly as possible. If what you are grabbing falls in any of these four categories PUT IT BACK! We repeat PUT IT BACK!



Statistics show that 49% of teacher gifts end up regifted to those on the naughty list.

Leave on the shelf:

1. Light up jewelry of any kind.

Unless it’s a gag gift, we can safely say, leave the light-up jewelry right where you first saw it. No matter how much your 1st grader begs and tells you his teacher will love it, we BEG YOU TO PUT IT BACK on the shelf. No light-up jewelry should be crossing the checkout scanner!

2. Scented candles.

We know that today gifts need to be gluten-free, organic, vegan, never harmed, free-range, etc…and to our knowledge, candles fit this bill. Here is a little secret, candles are the easy go-to gifts, which means that teachers’ houses already look like shrines filled with candles they’ve received over the years. We know you can do better! 

3. Skip the apple theme.

Unless the apple-themed gift comes in a minimalist box from the Mac store, this theme is a big no-no! At this point, there are no new twists on the apple-themed gifts. 

4. Personal items.

If the teacher has not been your BFF since the 2nd grade, please leave the lotion and perfumes on the shelf! Is there anything more awkward than handing your tween boy a gift bag with perfume in it to give to his teacher?!

Don’t worry Rock Star Room Parents, we’ve got your back with these three easy steps:

1. Keep these "leave on the shelf" tips in mind

2. Realize that gift cards are the way to go

(Bonus points if you pair it with a nice bottle of red.)

3. Take 2 minutes to collect from the classroom

Classroom collections are easier for parents and means bigger gifts for your teacher.

Take a look at our prior post, The 2-Minute Holiday Collection, as a refresher on how to easily collect money from the rest of the class. We’re here to make sure you’re not left footing the bill for the class gift!

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