Curious what we’ve been up to lately? At Cheddar Up we’re constantly seeking user feedback. In fact it’s the single key driver for our product vision and roadmap. Over the past six months we’ve been busy. Here’s what’s done, dusted, and ready for you to put to work.

More options and flexibility

Giving group organizers more control and optionality around how they collect payments and information is core to what we do. Now you have even more control:

Share your collection with a QR code

Quickly generate a QR code that allows you to share your collection page with your community. A QR code is great to include in emails and flyers for easy access.

Give it a try! Take a screenshot of the QR code in the example to open a collection. 

Limit payers to one discount code at checkout

Payers can use multiple discount codes at checkout unless the organizer chooses to only allow one discount code at checkout. Once an organizer creates more than one discount code on any single collection, they’ll see the option to limit code use. Learn more about discount codes here.

Choose to absorb only echeck fees

The perfect solution for organizations that want to offer their communities an entirely free way to pay online but don’t necessarily want to absorb fees associated with all of the payment methods. Organizers can now absorb only the echeck fees. This gives payers a great choice at checkout — opt for credit card with a low convenience fee or opt for paying by echeck for free!

Adjust item pricing with greater ease

Shout out to the sellers in the room! Got lots of items in your collection that you want to adjust pricing on? Maybe you’ve announced that all items are now 25% off or are offering a final sale in which all items are now 10 bucks? Our new pricing feature allows sellers to adjust price on selected items to a “fixed amount” (in addition to a % increase or decrease).

Require at least one item for check out

Sometimes payers get ahead of themselves and forget to add an item to their cart before continuing on to fill out any included forms. By turning on this quick but effective setting, your payers will see a friendly reminder that they will need to add at least one item to their cart before proceeding to checkout. 

Areas of improvement? Improved!

When you tell us something can be better, we listen and take action. Here’s what we’ve improved most recently:

New user onboarding experience

We’re making account creation even easier for organizers and managers alike. With a step-by-step approach, new account holders can see exactly what is needed to create an account (not much!) and what will eventually be needed to withdraw money.

Improved user experience for sales tax and managers

We’ve buttoned up our sales tax setting — something that was collecting dust but was incredibly important to a subset of our sellers. We’ve also made it much simpler to accept an invitation to help manage a collection

New bulk actions when adding and editing items

You need the ability to edit multiple items at the SAME TIME? We got you covered! Our new “bulk actions” dropdown allows a user to select select some or all items within a category and adjust their pricing, hide or delete them, and — our favorite — move these items to another collection. This is not only HUGE, it’s beautifully bulky!

Improved user experience for creating item variations

Like many of these improvements, the ability to add item variations is a feature that a smaller number of our organizers use but that is absolutely necessary for their success. Think t-shirt sizing, add-ons for enrichment classes, field trips with and without transportation… all of these potentially call for different pricing on the same “item”. We’ve taken users’ feedback to heart and have greatly enhanced this feature.

Improved item drag and drop

Because not being able to move collections and items around is a drag, we’ve finessed the ability to reorder both items and collections on our web application.

Have an interesting use case? Need help with your collections? We’re all ears!

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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