Long summer days and nights are the perfect time to get neighbors together

When Punxsutawney Phil, our adorably inaccurate weatherman, emerged from his burrow on Feb 2nd and failed to see his shadow we celebrated! Spring is on its way!

We love the idea of spending lazy spring and summer evenings reconnecting with neighbors on the front porch, while the kids catch fireflies. Reality Check! We know the kids will be glued to their iPads! 

That said, long summer days and nights are the perfect time to get neighbors together. While HOA events may conjure up images of easter egg hunts, 4th of July parades, and summer BBQs, it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Below are our three favorite HOA events for adults in the neighborhood — plus a few pro tips to delight your community!

Pro Tips to Start

Pro Tip #1

The parents in the neighborhood will be more relaxed knowing their little ones are taken care of. Easy peasy. Turn one or two neighborhood houses into the kid zone…hire neighborhood teens to babysit, and it’s covered!

Pro Tip #2

Charge a small fee for attendance to offset costs. Make life simple by sending out a link to a Cheddar Up collection page to collect fees and gauge attendance. Do this at least a few weeks in advance. Recruit your neighborhood BFF for a shopping outing to pick up everything you need for the event!

Three HOA Events to Consider

Wine Tasting


This is a super simple and popular way to get the neighbors together! Here’s what you need:

  • Wine. You can go with a theme… anything from classy-expensive vintages from a specific region, or mix it up with a variety of expensive vintages along with some of the less expensive (maybe wine from a box) options for a blind taste test!
  • For neighbors who don’t drink, make sure to include a mix of sparkling beverages. 
  • Snack foods. Of course, we always recommend cheese, and we have you covered with tips on how to make a cheese platter like a boss.
  • Wine glasses. You have a couple of options – either ask neighbors to bring their own glass, or rent some from a catering company.
  • Corkscrew. We know that seems obvious, but sometimes the world gets so busy, and it’s easy to forget the essentials! 

brewery bike tour


The popularity of craft beer has exploded over the last few years! If you are fortunate to live within biking distance of a few local breweries, this is a great way to get the adults in the neighborhood out and about. 

  • Plan a bike route that hits as many local breweries as you can. We suggest starting at the one furthest away and slowly working your way back home!
  • If your town has a lot of bike paths, try and incorporate them into your route as much as possible.
  • For extra fun, plan costumes or decorate bikes.
  • Don’t forget your helmet! 
  • Sample local favorites at each brewery and make sure you order some munchies. If there’s a nearby food truck…even better. 
  • This activity is great for neighbors who are avoiding alcohol, because many craft breweries have a non-alcoholic drink on tap as well.


community fitness


Chances are that you might have a neighbor or two who teach yoga or a fitness class. If so, see if they’re up for leading a class for the neighborhood. This is one of the simplest events to plan, and all you need is: 

  • A common space with enough room for yoga or fitness mats. Bonus points if the weather is good and you can do it outdoors. 
  • An instructor 
  • Yoga mats or towels. People can also bring their own!
  • Remind everyone to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated.

Looking to uplevel this event?!

  1. Hire a food truck to stop by when the class is over
  2. Collect funds with Cheddar Up and have fresh-pressed juices after the fitness class along with time for neighbors to catch up and chat. 

If it’s a hit, make it a monthly event! Use Cheddar Up, create a collection page with 12 items (one for each month), and let folks sign up and chip in to make it worth your instructor’s time. 

Here’s to a great summer filled with neighborhood fun. Enjoy!

Create an easy, seamless way for your neighbors to pay for your HOA events this summer.

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