As more and more schools across North America make the decision to resume in-person classes, everyone is scrambling to make sure they are prepared and have supplies to keep students and staff as safe as possible.

We love how we’re seeing schools and PTAs use Cheddar Up to sell custom masks to their community and want to share tips, examples, resources and best practices so others can jump in on this brilliance.

Top 5 reasons to sell a custom mask for your community



This is a great option for people who don’t have access to masks. Providing a custom mask keeps students and staff safe.


Ease of Enforcement

If your community is enforcing masks, it’s nice to rule out the “I don’t have one” excuse by simply handing them a custom mask.



Let’s face it, kids like to fit in. Giving students a custom-made mask (that looks like everyone else) helps kids alleviate any extra stress they might normally feel on those first few days back.



If you’re selling your custom masks, this is a simple, no-brainer fundraiser that can help fill financial gaps that are a result of other events that may not be happening.



While students may not be thrilled to wear masks, what better way to show campus-wide school spirit.

See what others are doing  

Check out how these three communities are using Cheddar Up to sell masks to their community:

school spiritwear masks

Johanna Perrin and Martha Brown Middle Schools. These PTSAs had custom masks made using a local vendor to give away to all students. They’re using Cheddar Up to sell their extras for a fundraiser. 

Girl Scout Troop 1556: This Girl Scout troop is using Cheddar Up to collect donations to help cover supplies needed to support their mask-making for those in need in the Panorama City community.

Bellevue East Athletics Club: This organization created custom face masks that highlight their school mascot, keep their community safe, and support their Athletic Club. 

Vendor Options and Tips

These days, a quick Google search will turn up all sorts of results for places to buy custom masks, but here are some of our favorites:

    go local

    While there are many national platforms that produce high-quality face masks, we’re always a proponent of shopping local when it makes sense. Ask your school staff if they have a preferred local sportswear vendor. Chances are they may already be a mask-procuring expert!

    This is a new brand to us, but we like what they offer – especially because they currently say most masks are in stock with only a 2-week turnaround and some are as low as $2/mask. See styles.

    We picked these guys because we like all their different mask styles – from traditional masks to bandanas to neck gaiters – you’re bound to find a style or two that’s worthy of customizing. See styles.

    Custom Ink is known for producing branded clothing and sportswear on the fly, so it’s no surprise that they offer a myriad of mask styles with the ability to customize the design. See styles.


    Most schools and PTAs seem to be selling masks for $10.00.

    18-30 days

    Place your custom mask order soon! Turnaround time is usually 18 days but could be longer as more schools place orders.

    Take pre-orders

    As soon as you’ve procured your masks, create a Cheddar Up page and start taking orders. The longer you have to promote that masks are on their way, the more orders you’ll get. Plus, parents will appreciate knowing this is an option in advance.

    The perfect features for your custom mask fundraiser

    As you begin to set up your pre-order page on Cheddar Up, be sure to check out our Features for Sellers article within the Cheddar Up Knowledge Center. This gives you detail on a variety of Cheddar Up features that come in handy when selling something on Cheddar Up, such as built-in shipping at checkout, custom receipts and item variations.

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