How to collect money for a group gift

Teacher gifts, coaches gifts, holiday gifts, thank-you gifts, end-of-year gifts, shower gifts, and so on and so on — the group gift list is endless, and organizing one typically lines up with the busiest times of the year. Learn how to collect money for a group gift...

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Everything You Need to Know About Fun Runs

Some of the top fundraisers we see — by both popularity and money earned — are fun runs. What is it, you ask? It’s a walk or run, sometimes themed, that ignites community spirit. It typically requires a participation fee or asks students to find sponsors to pay per...

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What to Sell in a Fundraiser: 25 Successful Ideas

Not sure what to sell in a fundraiser? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the top 5 categories of fundraising items sold through Cheddar Up since January 2021, and the 5 most-sold items in each.Already know what to sell in a fundraiser and just need some help...

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Fundraising Tips: How to Ask for Donations + Free Worksheet

Planning a fundraiser is often the easy part — it’s how to ask for donations that often leaves people mystified, especially if you’re a team of volunteers who haven’t before.  The bottom line: “It’s not rocket science; it’s relationship stuff,” says David Goodwin, a...

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Sharp Ideas for Academic Enrichment

Cheddar Up is always abuzz with academic enrichment programs — and we love to see it! Our users come up with such fun ideas for after school programs, extended day programs, and summer enrichment classes that we wish we could participate. Here are some of our favorite...

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