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We see you, group organizers. We custom built our platform for the enthusiastic (and sometimes reluctant) heroes just like you — which means we kept the very real, sometimes recurring, challenges of your role close. By collecting with Cheddar Up, these potential pitfalls could be nearly nonexistent:

1. You’re updating the spreadsheet of money collected, and—crash—you didn’t save it.

Cheddar Up automatically records the payments received online. You can view the summary on your dashboard or export it.

2. “I don’t have cash or check with me. IOU!” they said … three weeks ago.

Share your unique collection URL for online payments, or utilize our point-of-sale function to accept card payments on the spot.

3. You’ve spent at least two hours following up on the five nameless envelopes of cash and the three checks with blank memo lines.

We can make cash and check entirely unnecessary—and you can build super-specific collections to funnel money to the right spot. 

4. People resist paying online because they don’t want to create an account or download an app.

5. Money “disappears”.

Yikes! We help avoid unintentional (and, unfortunately, intentional) oversight by storing all funds securely in your account until the organizer initiates withdrawal.

6. Oops. You have more requests for medium T-shirts than you have T-shirts.

Track quantities with item variations, and we’ll break the news if they need to pick a different size. 

7. Sometimes, that T-shirt money comes in without any size specified at all.

club dues

8. One participant doesn’t have a signed waiver for your outing—and you don’t realize it until you get there.

Use the form builder to add waivers to any collection.

9. You’re that person at the post office who needs to send at least 10 packages.

10. Only one person understands your organization’s payment / tracking / registration / form / spreadsheet process, making it nearly impossible to delegate the task.

Our simplified, streamlined, stored-all-online process enables anyone to learn the ropes. Designate multiple managers, or transfer your account to a new lead.

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