Online payments for your group? Easy.

No matter the size of your group or organization, Cheddar Up lets you collect money and forms online. For free.

Create a page to collect money in minutes

Add unlimited items and form fields to collect money online. Share the link with your community and ta-dah! Payments start coming in! We track everything and put reporting at your fingertips. Withdraw funds directly to your bank account for free.

Flexible enough to collect money for just about anything

Every day groups find and use Cheddar Up in new and creative ways to collect money from their community. Membership fees, HOA dues, tuition, spirit wear, troop dues, group gifts, after-school programs, events, fundraisers and beyond. How will you put it to work?


Yes. Name a big chapter-based organization and we work with them. We’re the go-to for groups.

Who uses us?

People just like you! Schools, troops, churches, small businesses, clubs. The list is long.

We do it all

Whether it’s a one-off, formal event or ongoing collecting, our flexible platform has you covered.

A beautiful paying experience for your community

Ditch the checkbook and paper forms. Now’s the time to take your group’s payments virtual and collect money online. Wow your community with seamless online payments they can make from anywhere. No instructions, app or account necessary.

We’re made for groups

Frictionless Payments

Your community can pay without ever downloading an app or creating an account.

Instant Tracking

All payments and information are dynamically tracked with printable form responses at the ready.

Payments + Forms

Collect money and information without paper or separate forms (e.g. t-shirt size, sign the waiver, etc.)

Easy Handoff

Our secure process for handing off your account to a new owner is simple and keeps history intact.

Ready to start?

Kick the tires

Create a free account and build a collection to see how easy it is to collect money.

Watch a demo

Reserve your spot for our next 30-minute webinar to see Cheddar Up in action.

Become a partner

Custom libraries, co-branding and reporting are just a few of our partner perks.

You'll want to ask your group's organizer for a link. For privacy reasons, it's not possible to search for this on Cheddar Up.

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